20. December. 2021

Media campaign Little stories for big people

The media campaign LITTLE STORIES FOR BIG PEOPLE has been realized, as a part of the Project Inclusive preschool education During December

The series of thirteen educative video stories on the creative and inspiring way has shown everyday challenges that parents are dealing with small children. This series, going through different topics, has a goal to be a support for parents in dealing with those situations and to emphasize the importance of preschool education for the children development and the development of the inclusive society.

The campaign has been established through national tv and online media together with social media. In the first wave will be broadcast stories: “Big Bite” , “Awsome Parents” , ” Every Night New Story” and  “Upbringing Upside Down

Just a reminder the media campaign “Support” (October 2021) through online communication, daily print, billboard campaign and TV channels.

Media campaign Litlle Stories For Big People you can follow on our Facebook page Veliki ljudi od malih nogu, while video spots you can follow on our YouTube channel. For more information, you can join our Viber group. Veliki ljudi od malih nogu. All versions of educational stories can be seen on our YouTube.