10. January. 2023


Within the framework of component 2 of the “Inclusive preschool education and Care” project, subcomponent 2.3 – Improvement of the quality evaluation system of preschool Education and Care, the Ministry of Education (MOE) with the support of the World Bank, implements the project task related to the improvement of the process of self-evaluation in preschool institutions.

The goal of the activities within this project task is to improve the process and practice of self-evaluation through the development and application of various techniques and instruments for monitoring and evaluating the quality of work of preschool institutions (PU) and strengthening the competencies of practitioners who are recognized as key actors in the process of changing practice in accordance with the starting points program concepts of preschool education and care (PEC).

Self-evaluation of quality within a preschool institution is a process initiated and implemented by preschool institutions, with the aim of improving the work of employees, further developing the institution, and providing support for the well-being of children and families. Self-evaluation supports the institution’s autonomy and develops employees’ capacities for continuous critical review of existing practice while respecting the specific context of the institution as well as taking responsibility for the quality of work.

To this end, support is provided to preschool institutions, which includes: resources for self-evaluation of the work of preschool institutions (proposed instruments (checklists for self-evaluation team members, questionnaires for educators and nurses, focus groups/interviews with educators, parents, professional associates, director, proposal of questions for consultation with children); one-day training for self-evaluation teams of public PUs (during June and during September); mentoring support for self-evaluation teams of all public preschool institutions throughout the entire cycle of self-evaluation during the working year 2022/2023; free use of the application for questionnaires MS Forms.

As part of the support of PU, a guide was prepared and distributed Self-evaluation in preschool institutions – Guide for employees in preschool institutions.

The guide was created as an expression of the need to support preschool institutions in the process of self-evaluation after the revision of the quality framework.

The Center for European Policies (CEP) was engaged to implement this project task, which was defined in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Institute for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education and Training (ZVKOV).

The authors of the guide are: Jelena Najdanovic Tomic, Jasmina Vuletic, Aleksandra Kalezic Vignjevic, and Sasa Glamocak, and the publishers are the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Evaluation of the Quality of Education.

The guide was printed in a circulation of 10,600 copies and distributed to all public preschool institutions in order to make it available to educators, i.e. most educational groups, all professional associates in the institution, as well as trainers/mentors from preschool institutions who provide support for the implementation of the program concept through the Project.

The guide was delivered to all school administrations, all faculties, secondary and higher schools that educate teachers, as well as teachers who implement the preparatory preschool program in the organization of primary schools.

All public and private preschools received the PDF version of the Guide, and you can download it from this link.

We are convinced that the Guide will be significant support for preschool institutions, that is, that it will provide practitioners with valuable professional support in self-evaluation of the quality of work of preschool institutions.