18. November. 2022


Fadia M. Sadah, Regional Director of the World Bank for Human Development for Europe and Central Asia, visited Serbia. The main reason for the visit is to meet with the representatives of the relevant ministries and discuss the success of the jointly implemented projects, as well as future cooperation.

On that occasion, on November 18, a meeting was held with Branko Ruzic, Minister of Education, after which a tour of the newly opened kindergarten “VRACARAC” was organized as part of the “Vracar” Preschool. This kindergarten is an example of successful cooperation between the local government, the Vracar City Municipality of the City of Belgrade, and the Ministry of Education. The space for this facility was provided by the Municipality of Vracar, which adapted part of the space of the municipal administration for the needs of the kindergarten. The facility was equipped by the “Novak Djokovic” Foundation through the “Inclusive Preschool Education” project, which is implemented by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the World Bank. On that occasion, the director of PU “Vracar”, Jelena Jelenic Jankovic, and her team, hosted Dr. Aleksandar Jovic, Assistant Minister of Education, Fadia M. Sadah, regional director of the World Bank for Human Development for Europe and Central Asia, Nikola Pontar, head of the World Bank office in Serbia, prof. Dr. Biljana Hroneos Krasavac, Director of the Project, Maja Kremic, Director of the “Novak Djokovic” Foundation, and other representatives of the World Bank, the Project Unit of the Ministry of Education, and the NDF.

In accordance with the national strategy for the development of education and upbringing in the Republic of Serbia until 2030, which includes the further development of the system of preschool Education and Care in accordance with the needs of children and families as support for the well-being and overall development of preschool children, the Ministry of Education is implementing the project “Inclusive preschool upbringing and education” worth 47 million euros, as so far the largest and most complex project at the national level dedicated to preschool education.

The Ministry, in cooperation with relevant organizations and partner institutions, has been intensively working for many years on the realization of measures and activities that contribute to the expansion of the coverage of children with quality preschool upbringing and education, providing support to the family in achieving its educational function, strengthening the professional competencies of the professional staff, improving cooperation with other relevant actors in providing social support to children and families.

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