Any person who feels threatened in any way or has sustained damage/injury/loss by any specific activity carried out under the ECEC Project, should file a complaint. Complaints can be submitted by:

– citizens who have sustained damages caused by construction works carried out under the Project (dislocation from the construction works site, unresolved property issues, land acquisition, expropriation, environmental impact, improper safety measures during the execution of construction works and similar);
– citizens locally affected in any way by Project activities potentially threatening to them (inappropriate behaviour of Project staff or contractors, rights affected, inequality and similar).

Complaints can be filed by filling in the complaint form in one of the following way:

By filling in the e-form  (here)

Grievance Mechanism Form Should you have any complaints on the activities done or procedures used under the Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care Project, please fill in this form. Please bear in mind that we are in position to deal with only those complaints directly related to the Project and not the ones directed against the general activities of MoESTD. *Compulsory field Contact details Your name, surname and contact details shall by no means be published or made publicly available. Such information is collected solely for the purpose of possible further communication regarding your complaint/objection. Name: Surname: Sex (used exclusively for statistical purposes and analytical review of grievances received; by entering this information, you give your consent to the statistical analysis of entered details) o Male o Female E-mail: Phone number: Postal address – for receiving the written reply (please enter your full address: street name, house number, ZIP code and country/town/city)


Describe your grievance:*
If your grievance is about any specific incident or event, please specify the place and date it occurred, and whether it is a repeated incident or event:
How do you thing the issue should be resolved? (What should be done or happen in order to address your grievance?)

You can send the completed form in one of the following ways::

а) Save the form and send it via e/mail to

б) Print the form and send it by mail to the following address:
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care Project
22–26 Nemanjina Street
11000 Belgrade
Phone: 011 362 2610

All the personal data collected through the Grievance Mechanism shall be used in line with the current legislation on personal data protection and shall by no means be made publicly available. Contact details shall exclusively be used for further communication regarding your grievance.

It is possible to file a complaint without entering personal or contact details, but in that case we would not be able to answer.

Should you have any project-related queries or suggestions, please contact us and we will make sure to send you our feedback as soon as possible.


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