Component 1: Expanding the supply of preschools spaces

The objective of this project component is to improve access to preschool services for all children ages 3 to 5.5 years, with a focus on the most disadvantaged ones, by increasing the supply of high-quality preschool spaces. Up to 17,000 new physical places will be created in both urban and rural areas, throughacombination of building new centers, expanding the existing preschools and repurposing (or upgrading) the existing public facilities, such as primary schools (or other locally available buildings), for ECEC programs, as well as through financing furniture, teaching-learning materials, equipment, and playgrounds. 

The activities of this component will be done in at least 30 top-ranked municipalities from the list of all the municipalities in Serbia (excluding the territory of Kosovo and Metohija) ranked according to different criteria. MoESTD will request site proposals for building new and renovating the existing preschool facilities from 50 top-ranked municipalities Based on the assessment of received proposals, MoESTD will prepare a final list of the specific construction and renovation sites. Should funds for Component 1 remain after creating the final list of specific construction and renovation sites in the 50 top-ranked municipalities, the whole procedure would be repeated for municipalities ranked below 50th place. The number of municipalities that will receive the new requests for site proposals will depend on the remaining funds available.

This component would also finance the foundation of innovative centers to serve as model preschools for training and knowledge sharing purposes, as well as training for local architects and engineers to promote efficiency and child-centered pedagogy in construction and renovation designs.