Component 2: Strengthening the quality of preschool services

This component is focused on enhancing the quality of preschool system characterised by holistic approach to supporting learning, development and well-being of children. It comprises the following activities:

  • support to the implementation of the new Preschool Curriculum Framework;
  • improvement of initial education of preschool teachers, professional development and advancement to the position of practitioners in preschool institutions, as well as the improvement of competencies of principles in preschool institutions;
  • improvement of preschool education monitoring and evaluation, aimed at better informed data-based decision-making (the improvement of Education Management Information System (EMIS) and preschool quality evaluation (self-evaluation and external evaluation) system, technical assistance in developing the strategy for offering more diverse preschool services and regulating them at the local level.)

The above-mentioned activities are expected to contribute to the improvement of preschool system quality and reflect on more beneficial support to learning, development and well-being of children, including those from vulnerable backgrounds.