Ranking of municipalities

This rank order is made for the purpose of designing Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care Project and is based on the data collected by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry Education, Science and Technological Development, and the Serbian Statistical Office, and informed by research data from international organizations such as UNICEF, OECD, etc.

The crucial ranking criterion was the estimated demand for preschool spaces based on the data gathered by LSGs. The estimated demand of preschool spaces is calculated according to the total number of children born in the municipality, the number of children enrolled in the ECEC programs and the number of children outside the enrolment quota who are placed on the waiting list.

Another major ranking criterion was socio-economic profile of the municipality based on the level of its economic development (remunerations, pensions, budgetary income, general population trends, unemployment rate and degree of vocational education of its citizens).

Additional criteria were the number of families with children aged 3 to 5,5 years eligible for some kind of financial social aid (the Financial Social Assistance, the Child Allowance, etc.) and the percentage of Roma children aged 0 to 14 years.

The ranking of municipalities is the framework for all the activities under ECEC Project. It means that in planning new construction, reconstruction or repurposing of the existing facilities for ECEC purposes the municipalities will be contacted according to their ranking position, starting from the top-ranked municipality downward. All the contacted LSGs that meet the required conditions (such as valid construction and use permits acquired, property disputes settled, sustainability of the newly supplied preschools spaces provided, i.e. having a sufficient number of preschool teachers for the newly-formed groups, etc.) will be included in the activities of the project Component 1 (Expanding the supply of preschools spaces). In case the contacted municipality fails to meet the required conditions, the next municipality on the list will be contacted. Such activities will be conducted in at least 30 municipalities, and depending on the availability of funds, this number would be increased.

Similar method will be used for awarding grants to the ranked municipalities for financing projects aimed at improving preschool services at the local level.

No. Municipality Region
1. Novi Pazar Šumadija and West Serbia
2. Leskovac South and East Serbia
3. Novi Sad Vojvodina
4. Tutin Šumadija and West Serbia
5. Loznica Šumadija and West Serbia
6. Kragujevac Šumadija and West Serbia
7. Šabac Šumadija and West Serbia
8. Dolјevac South and East Serbia
9. Prijepolјe Šumadija and West Serbia
10. Palilula Belgrade
11. Kralјevo Šumadija and West Serbia
12. Sjenica Šumadija and West Serbia
13. Zvezdara Belgrade
14. Smederevo South and East Serbia
15. Voždovac Belgrade
16. Novi Belgrade Belgrade
17. Zemun Belgrade
18. Aleksinac South and East Serbia
19. Jagodina Šumadija and West Serbia
20. Bujanovac South and East Serbia
21. Čukarica Belgrade
22. Žitorađa South and East Serbia
23. Grocka Belgrade
24. Paraćin Šumadija and West Serbia
25. Merošina South and East Serbia
26. Šid Vojvodina
27. Kruševac Šumadija and West Serbia
28. Ub Šumadija and West Serbia
29. Surčin Belgrade
30. Vladičin Han South and East Serbia
31. Palilula South and East Serbia
32. Prokuplјe South and East Serbia
33. Lebane South and East Serbia
34. Sremska Mitrovica Vojvodina
35. Kovin Vojvodina
36. Novi Bečej Vojvodina
37. Zrenjanin Vojvodina
38. Vlasotince South and East Serbia
39. Varvarin Šumadija and West Serbia
40. Bogatić Šumadija and West Serbia
41. Vranjska Banja South and East Serbia
42. Sombor Vojvodina
43. Bojnik South and East Serbia
44. Preševo South and East Serbia
45. Čačak Šumadija and West Serbia
46. Krupanj Šumadija and West Serbia
47. Surdulica South and East Serbia
48. Ivanjica Šumadija and West Serbia
49. Odžaci Vojvodina
50. Vladimirci Šumadija and West Serbia
51. Smederevska Palanka South and East Serbia
52. Ruma Vojvodina
53. Raška Šumadija and West Serbia
54. Velika Plana South and East Serbia
55. Bela Palanka South and East Serbia
56. Knjaževac South and East Serbia
57. Babušnica South and East Serbia
58. Bela Crkva Vojvodina
59. Titel Vojvodina
60. Kuršumlija South and East Serbia
61. Ljubovija Šumadija and West Serbia
62. Žabalј Vojvodina
63. Opovo Vojvodina
64. Mladenovac Belgrade
65. Mionica Šumadija and West Serbia
66. Žabari South and East Serbia
67. Valјevo Šumadija and West Serbia
68. Pančevo Vojvodina
69. Mali Zvornik Šumadija and West Serbia
70. Rakovica Belgrade
71. Topola Šumadija and West Serbia
72. Medveđa South and East Serbia
73. Brus Šumadija and West Serbia
74. Žitište Vojvodina
75. Zaječar South and East Serbia
76. Priboj Šumadija and West Serbia
77. Bajina Bašta Šumadija and West Serbia
78. Sečanj Vojvodina
79. Trstenik Šumadija and West Serbia
80. Pirot South and East Serbia
81. Blace South and East Serbia
82. Obrenovac Belgrade
83. Osečina Šumadija and West Serbia
84. Nova Varoš Šumadija and West Serbia
85. Bač Vojvodina
86. Žagubica South and East Serbia
87. Knić Šumadija and West Serbia
88. Pantelej South and East Serbia
89. Bečej Vojvodina
90. Gadžin Han South and East Serbia
91. Rekovac Šumadija and West Serbia
92. Crveni Krst South and East Serbia
93. Kocelјeva Šumadija and West Serbia
94. Trgovište South and East Serbia
95. Petrovac South and East Serbia
96. Svrlјig South and East Serbia
97. Gornji Milanovac Šumadija and West Serbia
98. Kovačica Vojvodina
99. Srbobran Vojvodina
100. Subotica Vojvodina
101. Batočina Šumadija and West Serbia
102. Ražanj South and East Serbia
103. Bolјevac South and East Serbia
104. Irig Vojvodina
105. Ljig Šumadija and West Serbia
106. Lazarevac Belgrade
107. Kikinda Vojvodina
108. Kula Vojvodina
109. Nova Crnja Vojvodina
110. Crna Trava South and East Serbia
111. Bačka Topola Vojvodina
112. Lučani Šumadija and West Serbia
113. Inđija Vojvodina
114. Alibunar Vojvodina
115. Malo Crniće South and East Serbia
116. Vršac Vojvodina
117. Vranje South and East Serbia
118. Kučevo South and East Serbia
119. Mali Iđoš Vojvodina
120. Majdanpek South and East Serbia
121. Novi Kneževac Vojvodina
122. Dimitrovgrad South and East Serbia
123. Golubac South and East Serbia
124. Čoka Vojvodina
125. Ćićevac Šumadija and West Serbia
126. Stara Pazova Vojvodina
127. Arilјe Šumadija and West Serbia
128. Ćuprija Šumadija and West Serbia
129. Aleksandrovac Šumadija and West Serbia
130. Despotovac Šumadija and West Serbia
131. Negotin South and East Serbia
132. Sokobanja South and East Serbia
133. Plandište Vojvodina
134. Beočin Vojvodina
135. Rača Šumadija and West Serbia
136. Kosjerić Šumadija and West Serbia
137. Vračar Belgrade
138. Apatin Vojvodina
139. Kostolac South and East Serbia
140. Vrnjačka Banja Šumadija and West Serbia
141. Užice Šumadija and West Serbia
142. Svilajnac Šumadija and West Serbia
143. Požega Šumadija and West Serbia
144. Požarevac South and East Serbia
145. Temerin Vojvodina
146. Bačka Palanka Vojvodina
147. Sopot Belgrade
148. Barajevo Belgrade
149. Kanjiža Vojvodina
150. Aranđelovac Šumadija and West Serbia
151. Niška Banja South and East Serbia
152. Veliko Gradište South and East Serbia
153. Bor South and East Serbia
154. Čajetina Šumadija and West Serbia
155. Vrbas Vojvodina
156. Kladovo South and East Serbia
157. Lajkovac Šumadija and West Serbia
158. Ada Vojvodina
159. Lapovo Šumadija and West Serbia
160. Senta Vojvodina
161. Petrovaradin Vojvodina
162. Medijana South and East Serbia
163. Bački Petrovac Vojvodina
164. Sremski Karlovci Vojvodina
165. Pećinci Vojvodina
166. Stari Grad Belgrade
167. Savski Venac Belgrade
168. Bosilegrad* South and East Serbia