Component 3: Supporting young children and families

Primary activities of this component are aimed at encouraging parents and caregivers to improve parental skills for child development stimulation and caregiving practices (from pregnancy to the time children transition to primary school), with a focus on the most vulnerable families. It is expected that all children aged 0 to 6,5 years benefit from the project activities aimed at raising awareness in local communities of the importance of preschool participation for children (through mass-media campaigns) and supporting families in providing the necessary caregiving to children (through parents and caregivers empowerment programs).

The activities aimed at meeting these objectives are:

Communication campaign

Throughout the country, different promotional activities will be conducted with a view to raising the awareness about the importance of the early years and seek to empower parents to play a key role in promoting their young children’s development (through early stimulation, play, positive interactions, and good health and nutrition practices at home). The campaign will inform the families about the range of services available in the community aimed at supporting the overall development of their children (including in the health, nutrition, early screening of disabilities, social protection, early learning areas, etc.). Special emphasis will be placed on the importance of preschool program attendance.

Implementation of projects developed by cities and municipalities (grants scheme)

Grants awarded to at least 30 municipalities (see the ranking of municipalities here) will be used for funding projects in the local communities aimed at improving coordination and cooperation among relevant actors in providing ECEC services. Please find more detailed information here.